Everyone knows that the internet as well as the worldwide web has been quickly evolved from last few years, in the media for information sharing to the all ground and platform for servals apps such as:

  • Online banking
  • Digital libraries
  • Ecommerce
  • Online trading
  • E-government

As we see around us there are many companies that are going to digitize and each/every  company has different digital requirements. To fulfill the need of the business companies, web development companies in  Lahore have some types of hardware and software products.

According to the latest report that When web development companies in lahore start working on the web application projects the clients frequently asked them is:

  • Which programming language is used?
  • What is the best technology stack for web app development? 

Because the web development companies in lahore like planx know that the competition in the web application development industry is very high.  Also they keep this thing in their mind that there is no margin for errors. 

  • The benefit of the tech stack is that it will help in  the web apps development and make the whole project more scalable and feasible within low cost and time.  

What is the technology stack ?

It is the combination and the fusion of the programming languages and the software product for the web application and mobile application development. 

In tech stack following things are involved/ included:

  • Libraries 
  • frame work
  • Patterns
  • Servers
  • Programming languages
  • Software 
  • Tools
  • user interface/ user experience solutions 

Structure of tech stake

There are three components of tech stake:

  • Front end

The front end of the web development is visible in front of the user and we also called this front end the client side as well.  Front end is responsible for presenting the data in front of the client. This part only allows user interaction in the web development project but for the interactions we used different browsers.

 In the front end web development, web development companies like planx preferred to use the different programming languages such as: 

  • JavaScripts
  • HTML
  • CSS.
  • Back end

The second and the important component of the tech stack, in web development language we also called this server side. It is something that provides power to the client side / front side and provides:

  1. Data persistence 
  2. Business logic

This side and the part of the web development is not disclosed/ visible in front of the users/ client. Web developers and the web development companies such as planx considered that it is one of the most difficult challenges for the web developer to choose tech stack for the back ends.

But if we describe the structure of the back end. Following are the elements included in the back end:

  • Programming languages like PHP, Python as well as java scripts
  • The second most important element in the back ends is the frameworks. Many web developers developed the framework by using objective_C, ruby and rails, django, flask and swift.   
  • Many web development companies preferred to use MySQL and mongoDB as their web development project databases. 
  • Nginx and Apache are the best server providers for the back ends.
  • Middle wave

Web developers used the middle wave because it is responsible for system to steam integration.  Between back ends. It is written in the C# and java. Most web developers and programmers usually install it as a separate application. 

Things to consider while choosing the right technology stake

  • Type of project and application size

The first thing in the web development project is to identify the type/ range of the web project before choosing the right tech stack for the web application development. 

Small project:

If the web application project is small and so the web development companies in lahore must follow the strict deadline to present the working proto-type. In small projects, simple and usually technologies like CMS and wordpress are used. For these small projects you also need to rely on the designing tools only. Presentation, digital magazine, portfolios  and single page sites are small web application projects.

Middle range product:

In mid-range projects, web development companies considered that the enterprises required a complex tech stake that is the combination of designing tools and programming languages. Following are the projects considered the middle range project such as:

Digital multimedia

Government projects

Online store for selling products/ services. 

Complex project:

Web development companies considered the following project are little complex and big such as:

  • Trading platform
  • Market places
  • Social networks 

Such projects need more scalability, severability and more speed.  As this project has high scope so that many programming languages are also involved. 

  • Team knowledge and expertise

Web application development projects are developed based on the target market and platform. It may be mobile or desktop and may be both. Web development companies in Lahore like planx know that it needs both architecture along with technical knowledge as well as experience to pick the right tech stack for the web app development. 


Most of the web development companies like planx in lahore don't prefer to work with the new technology at the spot. They go with the same technology they are using before. Because the company web developers have a strong command and have experience and work with the same technology with confidence. 


They also update themselves with the new technologies at the same time because they know that these technologies are going to be outdated and ineffective with the time. 

  • Time of development and cost 

In a web app development project, the first thing you think is why you need the web application and what you expect from this web application development. You must have a clear idea. 

You know why because after the web app deployment you need the best web developer team for the maintenance and support of the web application. For that you must have the idea about the time and the cost of the web application development project. 

To choose the right tech stack you must search and select the best web development company in lahore like planx through that you not only save your money but also save your time as well. 


If you choose the cheapest company just to save your money, it will be the worst decision because when you are unable to drive the result that you expect. You also spend more money and need to hire a new web development company at that time. The time and cost of the web application will be like double for you. 

  • Extensibility and scalability

The web development companies in lahore like planx know that on the web app development project upscaling is one of the most crucial factors. So there are two main types of upscaling:

Vertical scaling:

In vertical scaling, has the ability to add new functionality by/ through different modules to capture the larger target market.

Horizontal scaling:

On the other side the horizontal scaling has the ability to process more requests while retaining the same features.

  • Time to market

Time to market means the time period between the ideation and the availability of the product of the potential customers and consumer market. If your web application project needs to be launched in a short time period, you may be considered the start with the most valued player. Because of this, web developers rely on web development practices, already building solutions and frameworks that help web developers  to enable easy integration.