Promoting your business on social media and through word of mouth are both excellent, cost-free methods of reaching a wide customer base. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a third option that doesn't cost anything. SEO is especially useful for wedding photographers because their websites are likely to be filled with stunning visuals. Don't be deceived into thinking that paid advertising is more valuable than organic traffic to your site.

With search engine optimization (SEO), your website can become one of your most effective sources of new business. But how can you get your website from obscurity on the internet to the top of Google's search results page? Search engine optimization is something you should look into. To put it simple, you need to implement these 4 SEO for wedding photographers guidelines.

What exactly is SEO for Wedding Photographers?

The search engine crawlers are always going through your site. The text you choose, the alternative text for any images, and the headlines you choose all play a role in how those bots evaluate your page. The same automated processes then evaluate your blog's information in light of similar websites.

Suppose, for argument's sake, that you're a wedding photographer in France. Every page and post will be compared to other wedding blogs by search engine robots. You'll have to compete with other posts that also talk about weddings and the Eiffel Tower if you want people to read yours. The number of websites and individual web pages that one of these subjects can cover is staggering.

Don't freak out! The bots will evaluate your blog's information against that of other blogs they come across and place you in a credibility ranking. In a nutshell, a higher ranking means that your site will show up earlier in relevant search results. Using these 4 SEO strategies, you may improve your website's visibility, search engine ranking and climb to the top of Google's search results page.

1. Create Great SEO Content

Try to avoid using the same phrases or words twice. Always use your own words and never steal the words of others. Have your web developer set up a 301 redirect (more on this below) if you find that different URLs are pointing to the same page.

Image quality can be improved. Make sure to provide informative alt text with any photos you upload to your site. It's important to customize each image's alt text. Check to see that the names of your files contain useful terms rather than just numbers. Google bots also analyze photos as part of their content evaluation process when crawling the web.

2. Check Your Links Regularly

In my experience the truth about backlinks as an internet user, there are few things more frustrating than being directed to a "404 Not Found" page. You shouldn't expect any sympathy from your viewers, and the aforementioned bots that crawl the web for content will not like this problem too.

Broken links may seem inconsequential, but they tell search engine crawlers that you haven't updated your site in a while, which hurts your credibility. Fortunately, there is a simple answer to this issue.

Broken internal and external links can be found and fixed by both Siteliner and Google Webmaster Tools. Once you’ve located the broken links, go update them in your content management system.

3. Check Your Site Speed

Google bots punish sluggish sites. That's not easy to hear in a field when public perception is so important. Strike a balance between showing off your work in pristine detail and being considerate of your visitors; they won't stick around if your site takes 10 minutes to load as growth hacking agencies stated.

Websites typically take 5 seconds to load. Those automated systems will be relieved if it loads quickly. Minimizing page sizes is one way to speed up a website's loading time.

4. Make Your Content Sharable

Inferring your site's popularity through social signals is becoming increasingly significant to Google. If lots of people are sharing articles from a site, Google will give that site greater weight.

The advantage you enjoy as the industry's newly crowned SEO for wedding photographers is considerable. Why? You have a wonderful group of photographers—and you have couples who want to tell the world about their big day. If you want more people to share content from your site, you should make it simple for them to do so. You can accomplish this by including share buttons on your blog posts. The next step is to spread the word on your own social media channels in the hopes that others will share your work.